RISE OF KINGDOMS – Best VIP Shop Guide for Rise of Kingdoms Beginners

“ Once upon a time there was an entrepreneur who said that eventually a store will become a place where customers can buy anything they want and our store is just such a place! Strategic weapons, military supplies, you want them, you have them! Come on, the future awaits. ”

Unlocked at:
Town Hall Lv.5
Welcome to our Best VIP Shop guide for Rise of Kingdoms. If you are a new player and you are wondering how to get items via VIP Shop. Then stick around with us because in our VIP Shop guide, we will reveal all the items that can be bought with food, wood and gems.

Simply put, VIP Shop is the place where you can buy anything with your resources. In the store, you will find plenty of items that are being sold at discounted prices. Some of the items can be bought with food and wood such as action points and speedups.

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RISE OF KINGDOMS- Masters Blueprint

The Master’s Blueprint is an item which is required in order to upgrade the buildings from Lv.24 to Lv.25


Master’s Blueprint can be purchased in the Shop, or when attempting to upgrade Lv. 24 buildings to Lv. 25 buildings with insufficient Master’s Blueprint for a cost of 2,000 Gems.

Description Gained from Master’s BlueprintCan be used to upgrade city buildings from Level 24 to Level 25 .



RISE OF KINGDOMS – Best Wall ROK Guide: Level, Cost & Power

Prerequisite: None
Ability: Increases defense and provide protection for your city against enemy attacks.
Base Power: 5

Background Information

The Wall is the main defense building in the city. The wall is a requirement before upgrading the City Hall.

Walls durability is decreased after a successful attack, along with the Watchtower, and must be manually repaired when damaged.

If wall durability reaches zero as the result of fire after an attack, the city will teleport to a random location on the map.

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RISE OF KINGDOM – Best City Hall ROK Beginner Guide: Level, Cost, Time & Power

Background Information

The City Hall is the central building in the city. Since no building may be higher level than the city hall, it determines the maximum level of all structures.

Consequently, it sets the upper limit for research that can be performed (limits Academy level), determines how many troops can fit in hospitals (sets maximum Hospital levels), etc.

Upgrading the city hall also increases the number of commanders/traders which may be fielded simultaneously and is the major factor in how many troops a commander may have in their army.

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