RISE OF KINGDOM – Best City Hall ROK Beginner Guide: Level, Cost, Time & Power

Background Information

The City Hall is the central building in the city. Since no building may be higher level than the city hall, it determines the maximum level of all structures.

Consequently, it sets the upper limit for research that can be performed (limits Academy level), determines how many troops can fit in hospitals (sets maximum Hospital levels), etc.

Upgrading the city hall also increases the number of commanders/traders which may be fielded simultaneously and is the major factor in how many troops a commander may have in their army.

City Hall Level & Requirements Chart

Level Requirements Cost Time Power
Lv. 1 N/A N/A N/A 7
Lv. 2 N/A food 3.5K
wood 3.5K
2s 21
Lv. 3 Wall Lv.2 food 6.5K
wood 6.5K
5m 59
Lv. 4 Wall Lv.3 food 11.8K
wood 11.8K
20m 154
Lv. 5 Wall Lv.4
Hospital Lv.4
food 21.3K
wood 21.3K
1h 383
Lv. 6 Wall Lv.5
Scout Camp Lv.5
food 36.3K
wood 36.3K
stone 12.0K
2h 852
Lv. 7 Wall Lv.6
Storehouse Lv.6
food 54.4K
wood 54.4K
stone 19.2K
5h 1,847
Lv. 8 Wall Lv.7
Barracks Lv.7
food 81.8K
wood 81.8K
stone 30.8K
10h 3,706
Lv. 9 Wall Lv.8
Alliance Center Lv.8
food 122.8K
wood 122.8K
stone 49.2K
15h 6,504
Lv. 10 Wall Lv.9
Academy Lv.9
food 184.3K
wood 184.3K
stone 78.7K
22h 10,933
Lv. 11 Wall Lv.10
Hospital Lv.10
food 277.5K
wood 277.5K
stone 120.0K
1d 6h 16,723
Lv. 12 Wall Lv.11
Storehouse Lv.11
food 417.5K
wood 417.5K
stone 180.0K
1d 16h 24,693
Lv. 13 Wall Lv.12
Archery Range Lv.12
food 627.5K
wood 627.5K
stone 270.0K
2d 2h 35,213
Lv. 14 Wall Lv.13
Alliance Center Lv.13
Trading Post Lv.13
food 942.5K
wood 942.5K
stone 405.0K
2d 12h 48,838
Lv. 15 Wall Lv.14
Scout Camp Lv.14
food 1.4M
wood 1.4M
stone 607.5K
2d 22h 66,400
Lv. 16 Wall Lv.15
Academy Lv.15
food 2.1M
wood 2.1M
stone 912.5K
4d 91,451
Lv. 17 Wall Lv.16
Hospital Lv.16
food 3.2M
wood 3.2M
stone 1.4M
4d 20h 125,005
Lv. 18 Wall Lv.17
Storehouse Lv.17
food 4.8M
wood 4.8M
stone 2.1M
4d 20h 125,005
Lv. 19 Wall Lv.18
Stable Lv.18
 food 7.2M
wood 7.2M
stone 3.1M
7d 232,957
Lv. 20 Wall Lv.19
Alliance Center Lv.19
food 10.8M
wood 10.8M
stone 4.7M
8d 6h 318,769
Lv. 21 Wall Lv.20
Academy Lv.20
food 16.2M
wood 16.2M
stone 7.0M
11d 442,735
Lv. 22 Wall Lv.21
Hospital Lv.21
food 24.3M
wood 24.3M
stone 10.6M
17d 3h 630,860
Lv. 23 Wall Lv.22
Storehouse Lv.22
food 36.5M
wood 36.5M
stone 15.9M
23d 23h 907,085
Lv. 24 Wall Lv.23
Siege Workshop Lv.23
food 54.8M
wood 54.8M
stone 24.0M
36d 1,322,481
Lv. 25 Wall Lv.24
Trading Post Lv.24
food  82.2M
wood 82.2M
stone 36.0M
Master’s Blueprint x 1
126d 8h 2,195,458
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